Red Shoulder Hawk 01


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How to install

Start by unboxing the artwork carefully and inspecting it for any damages. Next, determine the ideal location for the art, keeping in mind factors such as lighting, wall space, and room aesthetics. Once you've chosen a spot, measure the dimensions to ensure it fits well. Gather all the required tools and hardware depending on the frame that you chose. Mark the wall where the top corners of the art will go, making sure it's centered.  Finally, hang the artwork securely and make any last-minute adjustments to its position. Enjoy your new addition that brings character and sophistication to your living space.



How it looks

The art transforms the ambiance of your home into a sanctuary of elegance and creativity. Each piece emanates an aura of sophistication, skillfully capturing the intricate details and rich color palettes that can only be attributed to high-quality craftsmanship. As you enter the living room, the artwork serves as a stunning focal point, drawing your eye to its compelling composition. Even in the subdued lighting of the dining area, the art radiates a captivating charm. Throughout the home, the collection creates a harmonious flow of beauty and inspiration, making each room feel complete and uniquely yours.


More Details About The Art

White Gloss

Our most popular surface option. If you have ever seen a metal print at an art show or a gallery exhibit, chances are this is the surface option that you have seen. The smooth glossy finish and the pure white background gives your photos that luxurious feel. This option gives the appearance that your print is behind glass without the overwhelming glare effect from acrylic prints. If you want your images to shine and be as accurate as possible, or if this is your first time ordering an aluminum print, you can never go wrong with white gloss. 

White Matte

For those who wish to have the quality and luxury without the shine, go with a Matte White option. Ideal for family portraits and artwork. It is also a great option for prints that will be displayed near a window or entry point where glare from a light source is a concern.

Frame Mount

The frame mount sits your print 3/4" off the wall. This option gives a slightly better appearance if the back of your print is important for displaying. Frame mounts include all hanging hardware including cleat, screws and level to ensure proper hanging.

Black Floater Mount

A Black Floater Mount creates a dramatic, suspended effect that makes your art appear as if it's floating within the frame. The artwork is set back from the edge, leaving a small gap between the art and the frame to create a shadow, enhancing the visual depth and focus on the artwork itself. This modern mounting style adds an extra layer of elegance to any space.