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Protecting nature and giving opportunities to people is part of my goals.

Vinicio Paz, fotógrafo visionario y apasionado por retratar la belleza de las aves

Foundation "Paz de las Aves"

Paz de las Aves Foundation was created by Vinicio Paz and his family to protect, conserve and expand the distribution area of more than 554 species of birds located in northwest Ecuador. The objective is to design habitat management and restoration programs with emphasis on the conservation of primary and secondary forests, establish environmental education programs that actively involve the community in the conservation of natural heritage. Currently, the “Paz de las Aves” Foundation works together with the NATURA INTERNATIONAL Foundation and the private reserve Refugio Paz de las Aves who, in gratitude to more than 1,300 donors and love for conservation, has donated 10 hectares of primary forest to protect and channel future environmental studies.

“Vinicio Paz Photography LLC is paying the university to Anabel to fulfill her dreams, thanks to you who collect my art”

Two years ago, I met Anabel. It all started when I hired a person to clean the trails of the Paz de Aves Reserve. Suddenly, Anabel and her mother appeared cleaning the trails. It was hard work. I felt bad knowing that they were doing the work I had assigned them. My heart began to tremble as I remembered those moments of watching my parents work in this same way. At that moment, with tears in my eyes, I made a promise to myself. As long as I am able, I will help young people to have a better opportunity, to be able to look forward to something other than clearing trails on land they do not own.
Now!, this dream is coming true. Taking action to help
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Vinicio: Hello Anabel, how are you? Are you with your mother? I would like to speak with your mother and with you.
Anabel: No, Don Vinicio. My mother does not live with me. She divorced my father 3 years ago, and I live with my father and 2 sisters.
Vinicio: Seriously! I didn’t know. But Anabel, please don’t call me Don. You make me feel that I am very old. Better to call me Vinicio or Vini, whichever is better for you.
Anabel: Sorry! It’s alright, Vini. (laughter)
Vinicio: What does your father do?
Anabel: He works on a farm, taking care of cattle.
Vinicio: And you?
Anabel: Me too. I help my dad. We get up at 4 am to milk and then I cook. I help my sisters study and on Thursdays I work cleaning a house.
Vinicio: Oh, and you’re not studying?
Anabel: No, I already finished high school, but I can’t go to university because my dad can’t afford to pay for me to go.
Vinicio: And you want to go? What would you like to study?
Anabel: I would love to go, but I can’t. I have told my dad many times, but he tells me to wait until there is more money.
Vinicio: But what would you like to study?
Anabel: I have thought about studying to be a children’s teacher. I like to help my sisters study and I would like to be a teacher.
Vinicio: You know something, I want to help you. I can pay you for college so you can fulfill your dreams, what do you think?
Anabel: This can’t be true!
Vinicio: Seriously, I promise to help you if you commit to studying.
Suddenly her eyes watered and I experienced the most beautiful feeling of gratitude I’ve ever felt in my life. The very next day, she called to tell me that she had found the university, confirming what I already knew. She was excited to study, just like I was when I was younger.
“What sense does life have if we don’t know how to love.”



An opportunity to fulfill Anabel's dream

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